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Selling Your Home: Ready In 10 Minutes

Get Your Home Ready to Show In 10 Minutes

Whether you live in Chevy Chase, Maryland, or Northwest Washington, D.C., selling a home while living in it is not easy, especially if you want it to look its best when potential buyers show up. Still, with a plan at hand, you can minimize the panic of short-notice showings. You’ll need a bucket or caddy with all the required cleaning supplies. Then use the following as your checklist.

First Things First

  • Turn off the noise — TV, stereo, etc.
  • Make it light. Turn on lamps to lighten and brighten every room. For daytime showings, open drapes and blinds.
  • Stash magazines, newspapers and mail in a basket or box you can easily slip under a bed or hide in a dresser drawer.
  • Get rid of odors. First remove the source, then open a window or door to let in some fresh air. If needed, place a small bowl of white vinegar or fresh coffee grounds, which neutralize odors, in the area of the unpleasant smell. Bowls of fresh herbs or citrus peels can mask odors as can a few sprays of air freshener.
  • Round up the pets and get them out of the way — either outdoors or in a kennel.
  • Check floors. Use a hand vaccuum or damp cloth to remove debris or spots. (Do a complete sweep-up if you have time.)

Room By Room Be Ready (Fix-Ups)

  • Kitchen: Clean and put away dishes (or hide them in the dishwasher). Wipe counters and fixtures.
  • Bathrooms: Wipe counters, fixtures and mirror. Make sure toilets are clean and lids closed. Hang fresh towels neatly.
  • Bedrooms: Make bed (best done first thing every morning, just in case). Put clothes away in drawers, hang them in the closet or hide them in the washer or dryer.
  • Children's rooms: Gather toys, games and books, and put them back on bookshelves or in baskets and bins.
  • Living or family room: Remove clutter; put away books; stash knick-knacks and family photos out of sight.

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