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Five Things That Keep You from Buying a Washington DC Home

You will never find the perfect home; because in reality, there is no perfect home. You can find a home that is close to perfect and right for you; but to do that can take some time. And the process can take even longer when expectations aren’t managed, beliefs aren’t understood, and the inability to make a decision keeps folks from buying the right Washington DC home.

Here are five pitfalls that buyers can fall into that cause them to let the right Washington DC home slip by.

  • Not working with an expert Washington DC agent. Buyers can weed through the paper and click around the Web looking for open houses and listings, but a quality agent like Michelle Buckman can help identify the properties faster that are best-suited to you. An expert agent Like Michelle Buckman has the inside scoop – she knows about properties that aren’t in the paper or on the Web. If you try to do everything yourself, you're likely to miss seeing some of the houses that might offer the best match for your wants and needs.
  • Not seeing the big picture. Home buyers sometimes make the mistake of walking into a home and immediately turned off by something as simple as the color of paint which can be easily changed, or maybe it's the carpet or wallpaper. Regardless, when buyers see the home "as-is" without the ability to envision it differently, they do themselves a huge disservice and fall into a pitfall of thinking that the home is not right simply because of the condition they are currently seeing it in.
  • Letting the important things slide. Whether it's a new car, new house, or flat screen TV, when you're making large purchases, you need to know which things are important and non-negotiable, and then stick to that list. Of course, there may be some small, less important things that you'll compromise on, but if you compromise on something big that is important to you, you're likely going to be disappointed down the road.
  • Living in the now. What's good for you today will need to be good for you for many years to come. What future plans are there for the community? Pay attention to the congestion of an area and to the types of retail shops and restaurants that are coming into the community...then compare that to your future plans. You can't always know what lies ahead but many times you can see what types of projects have been proposed for undeveloped land in the area. Michelle Buckman will work with you to determine how the neighborhood is changing, and if those changes will work for you.
  • Skipping an inspection. Inspections are critical, and they let you know what you're in for should you buy the home. You'll be glad you have a report to help validate your reasons for wanting to purchase this home over others.

Avoiding these pitfalls will help you more quickly find the right home and the right investment for your future.

When buying a Washington DC home, you’ll want to contact Michelle Buckman Realtor. Serving all of the Washington DC area, Michelle Buckman Realtor specializes in real estate sales and has the experience you need to find and buy a home that’s great for you. Representing W.C. & A.N. Miller, a Long & Foster Company, and Christie's Great Estates properties in the Washington DC area, including Chevy Chase, Northwest Washington DC, Capitol Hill, and the Trinidad DC neighborhoods, Michelle works with a full range of clients, from empty nesters to first-time homebuyers. Please contact Michelle Buckman Realtor today at (202) 251-8400.

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