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Getting Your Washington, DC Area Home Ready To Sell - Windows, Doors and Odor Control

Halloween is approaching quickly. Parents should prepare their children for a safe and enjoyable trick or treating even. Below are some safety tips to help make this fun holiday a memorable event.

When you get ready to sell your Chevy Chase, MD home, you immediately think of the obvious things like the lawn, carpet and walls, but what about other areas of your home? Don't forget to include items such as windows and doors on the list of things to clean, and never forget to include odor control on your list of prep items.

Begin by making sure all of your windows open and close easily, as they should. If you find some do not, simply spray some lubricant in the window track, this typically will fix the problem. Make sure the issue is not stemming from cracked or broken windowpanes, and that they are not painted shut. If you find broken windows, make sure you replace those windows before attempting to sell your home. A new window may be a bit of an investment, but that's surely not one many potential homebuyers will consider "ok" on their list of to-do's for after purchase.

Now on to doors; make sure they open and close properly as well. If you hear any creaking noises, simply spray lubricant on the hinges to solve the problem. Also, inspect the doorknobs on every door in the house. Ensure each knob turns easily and is clean. A dirty doorknob may not seem like a big deal to you - in fact, it may not even cross your mind - but a potential homebuyer will notice everything about your home - even a dirty doorknob.

And finally, odor control. If you smoke or allow smoking in your home, do what you can to minimize smoke odors in the home before listing it for sale. Move smoking outdoors to avoid further contaminating the home with the smell, and consider the purchase of an ozone spray or room deodorizer. The ozone room spray will typically reduce the smell of cigarette smoke without attempting to cover it with a floral or similarly scented fragrance.

Always make sure kitty litter boxes are cleaned daily and mix plenty of baking soda in with the litter to control any lingering odors. Consider taking dogs to the groomer as often as necessary - sometimes as much as weekly - to prevent dog odors from wafting through the home.

For more tips on selling your Washington D.C. metropolitan area home, contact Michelle Buckman of Buckman Realtor. Serving all of Washington D.C., Trinidad and Chevy Chase, MD, Michelle can answer your questions and help you put your home's best foot forward.

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