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Three Staging Tips To Help You Sell Your Capitol Hill Area Home

Staging a home is becoming more crucial than ever in this competitive market when trying to sell your Capitol Hill home. Presenting the homes best qualities is never as easy as you would like it to be, but with these staging tips you may have a buyer ready to sign on the dotted line quicker than you ever expected.

  • Think about the curb appeal. Professional landscaping is always nice, but when trying to save money to buy a new home, you may not want to expend the extra resources. That is perfectly acceptable, just make sure the lawn is freshly mowed, leaves are gone and when necessary the snow has been shoveled and removed. Always keep the entrance to your home free from clutter and debris, and always hide the garbage can and recycling bins - even though everyone has refuse, nobody wants to think about it.
  • Declutter your home and turn the extras in cash. If you are interested in having a garage sale, do it before you are trying to sell your Capitol Hill area home. But, there are other ways to turn your unused items into cash or needed supplies - return them to the store. Sure you may not have a receipt but you will most likely still receive store credit, something you can use when you move into your new home. The less "inventory" you have to pack, the less you have to move and unpack.
  • Use a critical eye - or borrow one - and walk through your home. When the first thing you notice about your otherwise spotless living room is the chipped white paint on the windowsill, repair it. Don't drag the painting supplies out, simply use some correction fluid to touch it up carefully. Hide nail holes with photos or paintings, glue peeling wallpaper back in place and see what other flaws you can easily fix without investing anything but time.

For more information on how to prepare to sell your home in DC, including Capitol Hill, Chevy Chase, or Georgetown, contact the Real Estate services of Michelle Buckman today.

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