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Selling a Washington DC Home: How to Attract Baby Boomer Buyers

Baby Boomers should be a target audience for you, if you are selling a Washington DC home. The National Association of Home Builders says this generation of 76 million adults is looking to postpone or even skip the retirement home, and instead find homes that meet their needs continuously as they age. This demographic (those born between the years 1946 and 1964) is also healthier and more active than previous generations. Baby Boomers want housing that's technologically sophisticated, with plenty of other options. Baby Boomers want:

  • Ease of living and social interaction – smaller and more efficiently designed homes that are closer to work and entertainment centers.
  • Multiple generational housing – where many generations of the same family live together, yet have private areas as well as combined living space under one roof.
  • Greener homes – the energy efficiency of a home is of great interest as those in the market for housing. They want to make sure that they'll be able to reduce their energy bills through the use of greater energy efficient technology.
  • Light and bright - more windows, offering more light. If you're selling your home and targeting this market, it's vital to make sure the curtains or shades are open and that you showcase how light and bright your home is, especially in areas like the kitchen, bathroom, and stairwells.
  • Main floor bedrooms – downstairs bedrooms mean less stairs climbing. While the baby boomers might not be using canes or in wheelchairs, having a home that has flexibility for their future needs is of great concern. If your home has a room downstairs and you're using it currently for something other than a bedroom, consider rearranging your home to showcase the downstairs room as a bedroom. It could increase the appeal for baby boomers.
  • Home office space – many Baby Boomers continue working, even though they are either retired or nearing retirement, and they want that home office space.
  • Updated wiring and electronics – tech/media centers are also popular among many other generations than the Baby Boomers. Having a home that has updated wiring is a big plus. If your home has special features such as wireless home network systems, remote control lighting, and other security features, be sure to highlight them when you're marketing your home for sale. Baby boomers can be very tech savvy so having a home that's smartly wired for advancing technology will win favor with this group and other generations, too.
  • Flex space matters – the ability to switch the use of one area of the home for something completely different as the baby boomers age. The more flex space a home has, the greater the chances baby boomers can stay in it for a longer period of time. So if you're selling your home and you have one room staged as a den, consider marketing flyers that offer other suggestions for this space such as a bedroom for extended family members.

Want more information on how selling a Washington DC home to Baby Boomers? Contact Michelle Buckman, who will help you showcase your home’s best features to Baby Boomers. Specializing in real estate in Washington DC, real estate professional Michelle Buckman will help you in selling your Washington DC home.

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