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Washington DC Realtor: Some Easy and Inexpensive Ways to Stage Your Washington DC Home to Sell

Home staging is all about helping prospective home buyers to feel comfortable in your home, and enabling them to see themselves and their belongings in your home. Most sellers think that all they have to do is remove a few personal items and de-clutter a bit. But staging is far more than just removing items – it’s also about organization.

Washington DC Realtor Michelle Buckman wants you to know that there are some easy and inexpensive ways to organize and stage your Washington DC home to sell.

Here are the most likely "trouble spots" for clutter in your DC home, and what you can do to organize them.

The kitchen: As the heart of the home, the kitchen is a busy place – and it usually shows a good deal of wear. What to do? Make your kitchen into an orderly command center.

  • Remove any small appliances you don’t use on a daily basis.
  • Chuck the junk mail, and use a tidy basket to hold bills and other essential paperwork.
  • Clear the table and counters of anything that could be considered clutter.

The bedroom closet: Closets always look too small, especially to the ladies. What to do? Make your closet appear to be bigger.

  • Remove out-of-season clothing and accessories, and place them (neatly!) elsewhere in the home or a storage unit.
  • Relocate or purge any items that don’t belong in a clothes closet, like sports equipment, papers, and junk.
  • Arrange the remaining in-season items as if on display in your favorite store or magazine.

The home office: Big libraries with books, magazines, and files as well as big electronics like computers, printers, and shredders mean little extra, useable space. What to do? Make that office appear to be a clean, stress-free, and productive work environment.

  • Toss magazines and newspapers
  • Give away unwanted books to charity.
  • Switch out a desktop computer for a laptop, opening up more room.
  • Dust, label, and arrange the computer cables in an attractive manner.

The garage: The garage is where clutter piles up, and things are lost. What to do?

  • Pull everything out of the garage, purge the clutter, and then separate the remaining items into categories like auto accessories, camping equipment, yard tools, recycling containers, etc.
  • Find a home for and use tasteful storage to display each category.
  • The key to organizing a garage is to make use of the elevated space, like the walls for storage racks and ceiling for a false attic.

The yard: For some busy homeowners, it’s easy to ignore the backyard; however, the outside of a home is reflective of the inside of a home. What to do?

  • Pretend to be a prospective buyer; walk around your house making a list of necessary outdoor improvements.
  • Schedule a daily to-do on your calendar, or outsource the tasks, until all items are crossed off.

Prospective home buyers will be quick to judge your Washington DC house, both inside and out, for any flaws. Following the above organizing tips could reduce your listing time on the market and help your house fetch more than one not properly staged.

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